Product Prices

The following prices are to be used as estimates only. The actual price for your plaque would depend on the complexity of your layout and media.

Square Inches Standard Sizes Price
0-15 3 x 5 $54.95
16-50 5 x 7 $64.95
51-100 8.5 x 11 $74.95
101-150 9 x 12 $84.95
151-200 11 x 14 $94.95
201-250 12 x 18 $104.95
251-300 15 x 18 $114.95
301 -350 15 x 21 $134.95
351-400 16 X 22 $154.95

Additional Charges

Item Name Description Price
Multiple Item Layout More than one item on a plaque $6.00/each
Inside Trim Color The default color is Gold (no charge). Any other color is... $6.00
Outside Trim Color (Optional) Choose from several colors $6.00
Plaque Material or Color Choose from a variety of woods and colors $0.00
Edge Paint Color This is the color on the edge of the plaque. The default is Gold (no charge). Any other color is... $6.00
Surface Finish
High Gloss (Default) $0.00
Non-reflective Satin $6.00
Linen $15.00

Please Read! This limits our liability

Thermo Plaques are made under a heat/pressure process. No liquids, resins or varnishes are used, guaranteeing a fine lamination. Because of the heat and pressure used to laminate the sheets of plastic, embossed notarial seals flatten out and sometimes become unreadable. Tape residue, fingerprints and food-stains on the items to be laminated may become visible, some inks smudge noticeably, and *ghosting* or *bleed through* may occur from reverse printing. Although we use extreme care in handling and preparing your documents, Thermo Plaque Company, Inc. can assume no responsibility for any changes that occur during the laminating process.