Guidelines for Diplomas, Awards, Licenses, and Certificates

Single sheet documents are, most often, a very straightforward project. Unlike news articles, there is no complex layout required, so...

You just send us the document along with a copy of the order details in your email, and we'll send you back a finished Thermo Plaque® with your prized possession inside!


Just measure the document's two sides (in inches) and multiply them together to determine the number of square inches, keep it handy when you order.

HANDLING: after you've placed your order, return the order details you received in your email and send it to us along with your photo or document in a large protective envelope with cardboard on both sides to prevent bending.

If possible avoid handling your document. Fingerprints can leave body oils that 'cook' during the heat/pressure process and will sometimes become visible. So take extra care in handling your document at your end. We always use extreme care at our end; your satisfaction is our primary goal!